Pancakes and Poachies at Snooze An A.M. Eatery

A Read Eat Discover review of Snooze’s new eatery in the Houston Heights.

So this one took a little longer than it should have… but better late than never right?!

Two weekends ago, I was very excited to be invited to the soft opening of the new Snooze An A.M Eatery (Snooze) in the Houston Heights. For those of you who don’t know, every time a Snooze opens they hold three soft-launch community days before their official launch day, in order to benefit local non-profits. This particular Snooze venue is working with HITS Theatre, Friends For Life and Buffalo Bayou Partnership and on the day I attended, it raised more than $4,000 for HITS.

The new location is fresh and vibrant with their on-brand seating areas, parking out the back (a plus in the Heights) and a quaint little patio at the back of the building; perfect for those warm sunny days.

The smell of coffee and syrup hits you as you walk in the door of this very busy, slightly hectic brunch venue but even with all the chaos, the servers were all super friendly and eager to help.

Here comes the problem though… what to order for brunch! The menu is filled with endless options of pancakes, French toast, eggs benedict, and other savory delights.

Brunch at Snooze

Pancake Flight, Corned Beef Hash & Egg Benny Duo.

As my colleagues and I were arguing over which pancake stack to get, our server very kindly recommended the pancake flight to share to complement each of our own breakfast dishes. Sold! And out came a trio of delicately fluffy pancakes and French toast. One heavenly sweet potato pancake topped with homemade caramel, candied pecans and ginger butter. A blueberry Danish pancake, which tastes like you’re eating dessert for breakfast and their OMG! French toast, the tastiest I’ve ever tried.


Pancake Flight: sweet potato, blueberry danish & OMG! French toast.

If you’re not one for a sweet breakfast though, fear not. The menu offers an array of savory dishes, not to mention six different options of eggs benedict. Can’t decide? Pick the benny duo. After much deliberation, we went for the Ham Benedict III that has a small twist on the classic and tastes subtle and smoky with just the right amount of hollandaise poured on top. The Bella! Bella! Benny comes with prosciutto instead of ham, ciabatta instead of a muffin, plus Taleggio cheese and a cream cheese hollandaise. The sweet hint from the balsamic glaze and peppery arugula finish this dish off to perfection.

Breakfast Pot Pie was not one for me but it arrived with delicately flaky puff pastry and went down a treat for everyone else. The Corned Beef Hash was delicious and topped with more perfect poachies to mix through your hash combo.


Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs.

If you like a caffeine fix with your brunch, stick to the freshly brewed coffee. Like something a little stronger? They have a good range of bubbles and “bloodys” to work your way through.

Quick facts: Indoor/outdoor seating, parking, no reservations, open daily from 6:30am – 2:30pm

Pro-tip: Get there early! The wait times at other Snooze locations can be 2+ hours and I’m sure it’ll be the same with this one.

Rating: 4/5

Heights Location: 718 A. W 18th Street, Houston, TX, 77008


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Classic French Feeds at Brasserie Du Parc

A Read Eat Discover Review of
Houston Restaurant, Brasserie du Parc.

If you saw my story at the weekend, you’ll know we ate at the authentic French restaurant, Brasserie du Parc. It is conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the Toyota Center and right across from Discovery Green, in downtown Houston.

Food blog - Brasserie du Parc

The brasserie has a very cute setting with tables and chairs that you see on the sidewalks of many French streets. The conservatory on the side is bright in the daylight and boasts marble finishes and delicate flower arrangements, which made me wonder why they had all the blinds closed. Or why they would choose black blinds in such a light and airy setting in the first place.

To drink, we ordered one of their punch bowls, which came in an adorable glass bowl with glass ladle to serve. We then sampled a range of starters, the pâte was to die for, made even better by the fact it’s the first pâte I’ve had or seen available since moving to Houston. Whereas the soup was a quite watery and the goat cheese or “salade de chèvre” was lacking on the cheese side.


The risotto aux fruits de mar (seafood risotto) was served with a generous portion of fish,   which was perfectly seared but the risotto itself was missing some flavor. The steak frites was plated just as it is in France and the boeuf bourguignon was juicy and tender, as you’d expect it to be.

We then ordered the tarte au citron, a pot au chocolat, and the pommes caramélisées to share for dessert. For me, the crepe was too thick and undercooked, which made it stodgy, especially with the lack of caramelized apples. But, the chocolate pot was delightfully rich and the tarte au citrone was served with an exquisite raspberry sorbet.

Quick facts: indoor seating, classic French Brasserie serving brunch, lunch, and dinner seven days a week.
Rating: 3/5
Location: 1440 Lamar St, Houston, TX, 77010
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Wine Flights and Soufflés at Rise No.2

A Read Eat Discover review of Rise No.2.

Where do I start with this place? I love everything about it, from the Parisian vibes and delicate menus to the très chic finishing touches, it almost feels like you’re not in Houston anymore, almost.

Read Eat Discover - marshmallow soup

Located in the Uptown/Galleria area, Rise No.2 serves up a number of tasty soufflés, along with signatures dishes such as the Rise salad and the interesting Marshmallow soup (tomato and carrot bisque with mini goat cheese soufflés and a pesto drizzle, shown above) to start. They also offer a Chariot de Fromage, where you can choose your favorites from an international selection on their cheese cart, yes I said cart. Even the bread and butter they serve makes this place stand out from the rest with mini French baguettes which are served warm and accompanied by their very own custom Rise bread cutter.

Read Eat Discover - Rise No.2

The waiting staff are extremely helpful as well and always advise that you order your soufflés at the same time as your starter or main course, considering they take around 20 minutes to cook. The savory soufflés range from the more classic jambon and gruyere to truffle infused mushroom or the slightly more adventurous escargot soufflé. What’s even better is they all come in at 263-540 calories because they are made from egg whites, all the more reason to try a dessert one too!

Houston food - Rise souffle

But enough about the food, what about the flights? You can pair your chosen soufflé with a wine flight for less than $20 and choose between bubbles, French whites tour, French reds tour or Bordeaux vs. California and each come served in Rise’s super cute, recycled drinking glasses.

Want to take a little bit of Paris home with you? Well, they go one better than just your leftovers, you can also purchase a number of the items you see in the restaurant either in store or online. I have my eye on that custom Rise chopping board!

And if all that is not enough to convince you, they are taking part in Houston Restaurant Weeks right now. The perfect opportunity to eat soufflé until your heart’s content!

Quick facts: Indoor/outdoor seating, French soufflé restaurant. Fromage and flights, Monday – Friday, 6-7pm.
Rating: 5/5
Location: 1700 Post Oak Blvd, #290, Houston, TX, 77056.
Insta worthy? Hell yes!

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