Authentic Mexican Cuisine at Ambriza

A review of the Mexican restaurant, Ambriza in Houston, TX.

Last weekend, Read Eat Discover was craving some Mexican food and we stumbled upon Ambriza at Vintage Park. We were actually on our way to Torchy’s Tacos but passed this on the way and somehow, I managed to convince my husband to try somewhere new instead, thank you blog!

The modern Mexican decor and cute outdoor seating was a change from the more traditional styles of the usual Tex-Mex spots in Houston. We were greeted welcomingly by both the host and our server and were told they serve authentic Mexican food with a modern twist.

Read Eat Dsicover - Ambriza 4

What we ordered:

  • Queso Horneado – melted Menonita cheese, served with Mexican chorizo and fresh flour tortillas. My advice? Eat it fast! After a few seconds, the cheese becomes so hard that it tastes like rubber. Strong tortilla game, though.

ReadEatDiscover - Ambriza 1.0

  • Tomato Salad – freshly sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with FRIED queso panela cubes and charred serrano lime vinaigrette. I mean, it’s sliced cucumber and tomatoes, where can you go wrong?! It all tasted fresh and the fried cheese was good, but I would have preferred if it wasn’t swimming in the vinaigrette (an easy fix, though.)

Read Eat Discover - Ambriza 2

  • Carne Asada Quesadillas – grilled marinated beef sirloin, served with all the usuals. Grilled beef with cheese, wrapped in a tortilla, nothing more, nothing less. Again, it tasted fine but again nothing special.

While the meal was ok, the waiting staff clearly weren’t communicating because every other minute a different person popped out to our table to ask how things were. While I appreciate a check back, this was more than one too many!

With all that said, the food was fine but make sure you check back for the next review as I know that Houston has a lot more to offer!

Quick facts:
Indoor/outdoor seating, dog-friendly (outside), authentic Mexican. Happy hour is 4-7pm, Monday through Friday.
Rating: 2/5
Location: Vintage Park, 10115 Louetta Rd, Suite 400, Houston, TX, 77070


Thanks for reading!